6 Months Later

I can’t say I had any real intention to keep up my blog during Cancer treatment. I was already juggling the rebellion of the cells in my breast, working two jobs, the gym, changing up my lifestyle, staying grounded in life, my relationships, self care, walking and hugging the dog, loving everyone intently and cutting... Continue Reading →

I got f*cking Cancer

As if the last two years weren’t shaping up to be enough of an absolute shit-show, my 2021 has gone off with a bang, and I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I’m 33, and had been told repeatedly by my GP over the last few months that this nice new painful lump in my boob... Continue Reading →


I am quite actually turning into one of those people who disappear for weeks or months and then turn up again like nothing happened, just when you think your are rid of me BOOM here I am with what I’ve been up to and some general information about my current thoughts and brain processing. Soooo... Continue Reading →

My Story

I started writing a post about my two piece on the “not all men” conversation going on at the moment in the UK, but frankly, I’ve been mentally exhausted over the past few days trying to explain that we know its not all men, the issue is that it could be any man that we... Continue Reading →

Crystal Clear: Labradorite

This week were looking into the magnificent (and also my favourite crystal) Labradorite. This high vibrational crystal is a very powerful crystal for those who are aware of their intuitive and psychic abilities. My Labradorite necklace Origin: This gemstone was very first discovered in Canada in the late 1700’s on the Labrador Peninsula. More recently... Continue Reading →

How to: Witches Salt /Black Salt

This weeks blog we’re looking at “Witches salt” or “Black Salt”- I’ve seen this sold in a lot of places, from Etsy shops, to local spiritual shops to Amazon. If you want to buy it, I’d always suggest to support small. But I would recommend making your own, that way you can really keep track... Continue Reading →

Crystal Clear: Pink Tourmaline

On this weeks in-depth crystal look, I’m going to be looking at Pink Tourmaline. I usually wait until a crystal calls to me for my posts each week, and this week Pink Tourmaline came up as I gifted some to a friend for her Birthday. Origin:This absolutely beautiful crystal has been around for hundereds of... Continue Reading →

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